Showcase ST0100ZV


  • LxWxH 41x41x180cm
  • column showcase with revolving door
  • constructed in anodized aluminum
  • with halogen lighting
  • revolving door lockable
  • all shelves are height adjustable
  • the display case is equipped with adjustable feet so that it can also be used in rooms with uneven floors

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Stravi showcases are strong and safe and are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible. As a result, all the attention of your visitors will go to the objects in the showcases. We specialize in selling, renting, transporting and installing showcases at national and international events such as art fairs, exhibitions and museums. For over 35 years.

Stravi showcases are made of sustainable materials. This is not only better for the environment, but also offers a long lifespan and years of ease of use. As a result, Stravi showcases are widely praised for their quality in construction.

Our showcases have a modern and modest appearance so that they blend seamlessly into your presentation. This puts your precious object in the spotlight and gets all the attention. We guarantee that all showcases are in top condition and delivered spotlessly clean. We are passionate about carrying out our assignments and thanks to our years of experience we can serve you in every possible way. Our customers from Germany have a term for this: “Gründlichkeit”.

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